Who is Arash?

Born in 1978 Tehran, Arash realised his passion for music at very early years playing the keyboard. Joining the music traditions in his family, he was introduced to the folk music of Azerbaijan. At the age of 17 and while developing his Piano techniques he became interested in the Iranian Tar and has been playing and practicing it ever since. During the past 10 years Arash has been playing a number of string instruments such as Tar, Setar, Tar-Bass, Saz and the Oud which he has been playing professionally for the past few years.
Arash has worked with a number of ensembles and has played in numerous concerts and music events as well as studio recordings as a session musician. Collaborating with the Euroasia Orchestra featuring Alireza Ghorbani, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Manchester's Beating Wing Orchestra, Radif and Magham Ensemble are a number of those. Currently residing in London, U.K, Arash follows teaching and instrument repairs with great passion.

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